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Basic Overview

Easy deployment of TheyBuyForYou tools and services into a local environment.

Quick Start

This process has been tested in an environment with 4 CPUs and 4GB RAM

  1. Install Docker and Docker-Compose

  2. Clone this repo

    git clone
  3. Download the latest TBFY data dump from Zenodo into a temporal folder (e.g /tmp).

  4. Run the platform by:

    docker-compose up -d
  5. Wait for all services to be available (e.g. Started Application in xx.xx seconds). The first time it may take a few minutes to download the Docker images.

    docker-compose logs -f
  6. Initialize the RDF repository

    1. Log into the Fuseki administration GUI, http://localhost:3030, using the admin user and the password that you set in the fuseki.env file.
    2. Create a new dataset tbfy with the dataset type Persistent (TDB2).
    3. Upload the NACE and OpenCorporates identifer system data files from here.
    4. Follow these instructions to publish the TBFY procurement data. First set the environment variable TBFY_FUSEKI_URL to:
       export TBFY_FUSEKI_URL=http://localhost:3030
  7. Initialize the Document repository

    1. Unzip the file from the temporal folder. The content is organized by month in different folders.
      unzip /tmp/ 
    2. Load the tender descriptions using the python script. Depending on the number of folders selected (e.g /tmp/* or /tmp/2020-04-* or /tmp/2020-04-30), the operation may take minutes or hours.:
      ./script/ -i /tmp/2020-04-30
  8. That's all!


Once the platform is up and running, all TBFY services are available from a single entry point:

service description
/industryCodes industry codes
/jurisdictions jurisdictions
/ocds OCDS instances
/brands organization names
/triples SPARQL Endpoint
/documents tender descriptions
/organisation organizations
/contract contracts
/tender tenders
/award awards
/contractingProcess contracting processes


TBFY services are supported by the following resources:

resource description
http://localhost:8085 English Topic Model
http://localhost:8086 Spanish Topic Model
http://localhost:8087 French Topic Model
http://localhost:8088 Italian Topic Model
http://localhost:8089 Portuguese Topic Model
http://localhost:8983 Document Repository
http://localhost:8983/solr/banana Dashboard
http://localhost:3040 SPARQL Query Interface
http://localhost:3030 RDF Repository


Please take a look at our contributing guidelines if you're interested in helping!


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