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An automatic Timecard Generator for Sage300 systems
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A simple timecard generator for Sage300



Sage300 contains an import/export spreadsheet feature when processing employee payroll. Data entry is time consuming, and that time grows exponentially with every new employee to process. Sage300-TimecardGenerator aims to solve this problem by acting as a free tool to generate importable timecards for payroll processing.


All versions can be found in the releases section of the github repository.

Select the latest release zip and download. Unzip the file to a folder location you'll remember. The README.txt is there if ever you need a reference on setting up the application.


  1. Setup

    • Rename the "user-settings-EXAMPLE.ini" to "user-settings.ini"
    • Configure each field of "user-settings.ini" to match your local Sage300 database connection.
  2. Run the Sage300-TimecardGenerator.exe file

    • Click file->Open Spreadsheet to select your employee hour records template spreadsheet
    • Fill out the payperiod field with your current payperiod
    • Click run

Now simply import the newly created "GENERATED-TIMECARDS.xlsx" spreadsheet file into the Sage300 Timecard system

Import Template

The following template file shows the essential data that any template hours should follow. Make sure to read through the cell types. Dates should all set to a date format, hours should be set to a time format, not plain text.

Download Import Template Example

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