@TBXin TBXin released this Jan 3, 2017 · 32 commits to master since this release

NFE Toolbox v1.4

ArcticFox Configuration

  • Minimum required ArcticFox build is now 170103;
  • Added ability to disable profiles;
  • Added Temperature Control extended configuration (PI-Regulator);

  • Added "Main Screen Skin" selector. Applicable only for devices with big screens, like eVic, RX2/3 and so on;
  • Added "Puffs Time Format" selector;
  • Added CheckTCR and USB No Sleep flags;
  • Improved "Hide to tray" behavior;
  • Added "About & Links";

NFirmwareEditor 6.4

  • Some improvements;



@TBXin TBXin released this Dec 24, 2016 · 56 commits to master since this release

NFE Toolbox v1.3

ArcticFox Configuration

  • Minimum required ArcticFox build is now 161223;
  • Added "Battery %" line type in the small screen layout editor;
  • Added "Info Screen" in the multi clicks editor;
  • Fixed BVO's editor when creating configuration from scratch;

NFirmwareEditor 6.3

  • Fixed ResourcePack preview;



@TBXin TBXin released this Dec 21, 2016 · 61 commits to master since this release

NFE Toolbox v1.2

ArcticFox Configuration

  • Minimum required ArcticFox build is now 161219;
  • Added configuration management (create new, save to file / read from file);
  • Added layout editor for classic skin, circle skin and for small screens;
  • Added Puff Screen Delay option (how long puff time and other information will stay on screen after puff end);
  • Added BVO (Battery Voltage Offset) editor;
  • Slightly redesigned preheat type selector;


  • Added support for 96x16 screen devices like iStick Pico, RX200, e.g;
  • Added screen size selector;



@TBXin TBXin released this Dec 11, 2016 · 77 commits to master since this release

NFE Toolbox v1.1


  • Close window button now hides Toolbox window to the system tray if application was started with /minimized arg (same arg is set up automatically when checking "Run NFE Toolbox when Windows starts";

ArcticFox Configuration

  • Minimum required ArcticFox build is now 161209;
  • Power Curves Editor with zoom, scroll and mouse support;
  • Welcome screen was updated;
  • Added "Last Puff Time", "Last Power" and "Last Temperature" in the layout editor;
  • Added puff cut-off configuration (Advanced -> Settings) from 1 to 15 sec;
  • Added multi-click action: Smart On / Off;
  • Updated profile editor;
  • Fixed maximum preheat delay issue;
  • Improved startup time;

Device Monitor

  • Fixed some communication issues;
  • Improved annotation placement;
  • Overall improvements;

Firmware Updater

Improved stability for some OS with USB drivers issues;



@TBXin TBXin released this Nov 27, 2016 · 116 commits to master since this release

Big release ^^

All tools is now located in the new app - NFE Toolbox

myEvic Configuration is not available in this release

ArcticFox is our new firmware, and ArcicFox Configuration is a tool to configure this firmware with a lot a cool feature.

The New Device Monitor

No more COM hell, just HID! And at this moment no myEvic support. If you want Device Monitor working with myEvic - use previos release.

And many more.
About all stuff you can read at our forum thread: http://www.ecigtalk.ru/forum/f16/t101098.html (RU)



@TBXin TBXin released this Oct 4, 2016 · 225 commits to master since this release

Configuration Utility

  • Tab: Developer -> Tools
    • Screen broadcasting to PC in the real time;
    • Reboot device button;

  • New Tab: Developer -> Expert;
    • Shunt correction possibility;
    • Battery discharge profile selection;
    • Custom battery discharge profile creator with graphical view;

Device Monitor

Completely new feature for my Evic NFE Edition firmware. This tool shows you information from the device sensors, builds chart and even can press fire button remotely ^^



@TBXin TBXin released this Sep 23, 2016 · 265 commits to master since this release


  • Added support for Wismec RX75;

Configuration Utility

  • Fixed some issues;
  • Trace tab now called Terminal and have an ability to send command directly to the device;


  • Added firmware support for:
    • RX23 4.03;
    • RX23 4.13;
    • RX75 4.03;
    • RX200 3.03;
    • RX200 3.13;
    • RX200S 4.03;
    • RX200S 4.13;



@TBXin TBXin released this Sep 22, 2016 · 274 commits to master since this release

Ho ho ho, glad to release for you another one cool release - v5.0
First of all i want to say "Thank you" to ClockSelect for the one greate project - myEvic.

We (me and maelstrom2001) created own firmware version based on myEvic and called it myEvic NFE Edition.

In the release we intoducing to you new tools which is a part of the NFirmwareEditor - myEvic NFE Edition Configuration Utility.

This tool is compatible at this moment only with our firmware 160920 build or newer, which you can get here: http://www.ecigtalk.ru/forum/f16/t101098-post7516028.html#post7516028

More screenshots also you can find here: http://www.ecigtalk.ru/forum/f16/t101098-p62.html

This is not all :)

Now NFirmwareEditor can automatically scan new firmwares files for resources and even open firmware without definitions. This provides you an ability to open newest firmware without waiting for the official support from NFE.

And one more thing left. You can run Firmware Updater or myEvic NFE Edition Configuration Utility without starting main application window. All you need is just create two shortcuts with following arguments.

  • For updater:
    NFirmwareEditor.exe /updater

  • For configuration utility:
    NFirmwareEditor.exe /configuration

I hope you will like this release.



@TBXin TBXin released this Sep 8, 2016 · 317 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed image table reading;
  • Included latest firmware definitions;



@TBXin TBXin released this Sep 6, 2016 · 322 commits to master since this release


  • Changed firmware definitions storage. Single file for every definition instead of one big definitions.xml;
  • Added universal support for myEvic firmwares; (https://github.com/ClockSelect/myevic);
  • Implemented definitions updates checking. No need to wait for another NFE release to get latest firmware support. As soon as new definition will be available in the repository NFE will offer you to download it;

  • Added firmware support for:
    • RX200S 4.02;
    • RX200S 4.12;
    • iStick TC100W 1.02;
    • iStick TC100W 1.12;
    • iStick Pico 1,02;
    • iStick Pico Mega 1.02;
    • Cuboid 5.04;
    • Cuboid 5.14;
    • Cuboid Mini 5.04;
    • eGrip II 5.04;
    • eVic AIO 5.04;
    • eVic VTC Mini 5.04;
    • eVic VTwo 5.04;
    • eVic VTwo Mini 5.04;