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Wi-Fi powered occupancy sensor
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This goal of this project is to build a Wi-Fi powered occupancy sensor. This will become the basis for a series of home automation projects.

The Premise

The members of my household (and authorized visitors) tend to carry Wi-Fi enabled devices (like smartphones) which automatically connect to my Wi-Fi network when they are in range. Each time a device connects, it uses DHCP to acquire an IP address and configuration. The DHCP server keeps track of connected devices so that it knows which IP addresses are available to assign to new devices. Since each device has a unique identifier (the MAC address), I can associate the unique identifier with a person and query the leases table to see when they are home (or within Wi-Fi range.

The Plan

To take advantage of this, I plan to configure a Raspberry Pi to run the DHCP server for my home network. The Raspberry Pi will also the software in this repository to do the following.

  1. Monitor the DHCP leases and keep track of them in a SQLite repository.
  2. Provide a web application for mapping devices to profiles (ie. a person who lives here, a named guest, an anonymous guest, infrastructure).
  3. Provide a RESTful web interface to allow other devices or applications to query the occupancy.
  4. Trigger arbitrary events based on presence (control thermostat, lighting, garage door, music selections, etc.).
  5. Track the occupancy data over time to allow for analytical analysis.
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