Convert your forum from Discourse to Flarum
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This php script will migrate a Discourse-Forum to Flarum.

For a blog post about this project, read


  • Configurable migration steps.
  • Imports posts, discussions and users.
  • Automatically tries to fix formatting.


  • Not able to import user passwords.
  • Cannot migrate uploaded media yet.

Usage Instructions

  1. Create a fresh forum using the standard install instructions. You can use the ansible playbook flarum.yml like this:
# assuming that is the IP address of your container dedicated for the migration
ansible-playbook flarum.yml -u root -e working_host=
  1. Install PostgreSQL and load your Discourse backup. You can use the ansible playbook migration.yml like this:
ansible-playbook migration.yml -u root -e working_host=
  1. The migration.yml playbook already downloads the migration script to /root/flarummigration inside the container
  2. Install the required composer packages:
cd /root/flarummigration
composer update
  1. Copy the migrate-example.yaml to migrate.yaml, and modify the database credentials if they are configured differently than by the ansible playbooks. Replace the flarum prefix in the migrate.yml file
cd /root/flarummigration
cp migrate-example.yaml migrate.yaml
# perhaps you need to modify the database credentials in migrate.yaml if you have your own setup
# if your prefix is not fl_ for the flarum tables
sed -i "s/fl_//g" migrate.yaml
  1. Run the script
cd /root/flarummigration
php discourse_to_flarum.php
  1. After modifications to either discourse_to_flarum.php or migrate.yaml, you can reset the flarum database and rerun the migration:
cd /root/flarummigration
zcat ../flarum.sql.gz | mysql -u flarum flarum -p
php discourse_to_flarum.php

Installation on CentOS-7:

(see the Ansible playbook migration.yml, which does the installation for you...)

 yum install epel-release
 yum install mariadb-server mariadb postgresql-server php php-pecl-yaml

 systemctl start mariadb
 systemctl enable mariadb
 postgresql-setup initdb
 systemctl start postgresql
 systemctl enable postgresql

 mysql -u root -p
   create database flarum;
   grant all on flarum.* to flarum@localhost identified by 'flarum';
   update mysql.user set password=password('secretflarum') where user='root';
 su postgres
     create user discourse password 'discourse';
   createdb -T template0 --encoding UTF8 -O discourse discourse
 vi /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf
   comment out the other lines
   local    all     all    peer
 su postgres
   cat /tmp/dump.sql | psql discourse
   grant all privileges on all tables in schema public to discourse;


Original script by robrotheram

Modified versions by:


This script is licensed under the MIT license