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Sync Floccus to a Local Folder!

LoFloccus is a small companion app for Floccus that empowers you to sync your bookmarks with whatever service or tool you would like to!


Download LoFloccus

Why and How

Floccus ( is a great browser extensions that allows you to sync your browser bookmarks with your selfhosted server (e.g. Nextcloud or a WebDAV server).

Unfortunately (and due to browser restrictions) you can't store your browser bookmarks in a local file and then sync it with Dropbox, Syncthing, rsync etc. LoFloccus aims to make this possible by introducing a small companion app that is a secure, self-contained WebDAV server.

This tool was designed to:

  1. Accept WebDAV connections from the localhost;
  2. Restrict Floccus access to a single directory and read/write access limited to *.xbel bookmarks files;
  3. Generate a random port, username and password for each setup;
  4. Store your XBEL bookmarks location and other settings across sessions;
  5. Minimize to Windows tray / macOS top menu bar.

Enjoy the best of Floccus and combine it with favourite sync tool!

Compile from Source

LoFloccus was built using Golang and Qt.


  1. Install Qt
  2. Install
  3. (Windows only) Add user variable CGO_LDFLAGS: C:\Users\Public\env_windows_amd64_Tools\mingw730_64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\lib\libmsvcrt.a
  4. (Windows only) Add to user Path variable: C:\Users\Public\env_windows_amd64\5.12.0\mingw73_64\bin and C:\Users\Public\env_windows_amd64_Tools\mingw730_64\bin
  5. go run LoFloccus.go!

Deploy for Windows

  1. cd LoFloccus
  2. windres.exe .\Windows.rc -o Windows.syso
  3. qtdeploy build desktop .
  4. Run deploy/windows/LoFloccus.exe!

Deploy for macOS

  1. cd LoFloccus
  2. (Optionally) Install imagemagick brew update && brew install imagemagick
  3. (Optionally)
  4. (Optionally) Move icon.icns to darwin\Contents\Resources
  5. qtdeploy build desktop .
  6. Run deploy/darwin/