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This repository is primarily for PACE 2017 Track A submissions.

This repository contains both exact and heuristic submissions.

The exact algorithm implements the algorithm proposed in:
Tamaki, Hisao. "Positive-instance driven dynamic programming for treewidth." 
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.05286 (2017).

The heuristic algorithm starts with a greedy solution 
and tries to improve the current solution
through local improvements. It looks at a 
subtree of the current tree-decomposition around the largest bag and
runs the following decomposition algorithms on the
subgraph corresponding to this subtree in a round-robin manner:
the exact treewidth algorithm, an exact pathwidth algorithm,
and a heuristic (greedy) heuristic algorithm.

The final team members
Exact: Hisao Tamaki and Hiromu Ohtsuka
Heuristic: Hisao Tamaki, Hiromu Ohtsuka, Takuto Sato and Keitaro Makii

If you use the implementation provided in this repository in research work,
please cite the above paper and/or this repository in your publication reporting
the work.

$ make exact
for making the exact submission
$ make heuristic
for making the heuristic submission, or
$ make
for making both

The commands are tw-exact and tw-heuristic as specified by the challenge rule.
These commands are implemented as shell scripts.

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