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=== Affiliate Hoover ===

Contributors: AndyWalpole

Tags: affiliate marketing, CSV
License: GPLv2

Requires at least: 3.3

Tested up to: 3.5

Stable tag: 1.5

Parses feeds into posts as supplied by affiliate marketing companies

== Description ==

Affiliate Hoover allows the website owner to upload and parse CSV feeds supplied by affiliate marketing companies.

Feed items are turned into posts, with the ability to add categories, tags, specify whether comments and trackbacks are allowed; and to filter items based on individual keywords.

This addon will also create items based on the content type and, if so desired, will also automatically add "nofollow" to outbound links.

There is also a tracking system for checking clicks on affiliate links and the ability to stagger publication of individual posts at a rate 5 per 10 minutes.

__You should be able to upload any CSV file from any company but you need to make sure that it is formatted correctly with comma separators__

__Important! Only works with PHP versions 5.3 and higher__

If you have an earlier PHP version then ask your hosting company to upgrade.

[Please post bugs and support feature requests here](

== Installation ==

1. Install Affiliate Hoover either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server

== Frequently Asked Questions == 

None yet

== Upgrade Notice ==

None yet

== Screenshots ==

1. Screenshot one

2. Sceenshot two

3. Screenshot three

== Changelog ==

= 1.5 =
Major backend code update

= 1.33 =
Category bug fix

= 1.3 =
Added stagger feature so that posts can be published at a rate of 5 per ten minutes

= 1.2 =
Greater control of taxonomies

= 1.11 =
Optimised database code

= 1.10 =
Adds Affiliate Hoover details to content type admin pages. Reset for tracking data.

= 1.09 =
Bug fix

= 1.05 =
Bug fix

= 1.02 =
Added disabled to feed text inputs

= 1.0 =
Bug fixes

= 0.94 =
Added support for a simple text editor on textareas

= 0.9 =
Added tracking

= 0.84 =
Bug fix

= 0.83 =
Bug fix

= 0.82 =
Bug fix

= 0.8 =
Added ability to create new categories as children of parent categories / bug fixes

= 0.71 =
Bug fix

= 0.7 =
Added log file

= 0.6 =
Adds nofollow to outbound links

= 0.54 =
Major bug fix

= 0.5 =
Add abilit to create posts based on content type. Important bugfixes

= 0.4 =
Added ability to delete posts on a per-feed basis. Reset section is now complete

= 0.3 =
Added ability to remove post remnants in the ah_total_feeds table

= 0.3 =
Added ability to remove post remnants in the ah_total_feeds table

= 0.2 =
Added first feature on reset page

= 0.1 =
* Initial release
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