Reference of ERC223 not for public use.
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Reference of ERC223 not for public use.

creation of AvelanKwon [vm]from:0xca3...a733cto:AvelanKwon.(constructor)value:0 weidata:0x60c...00000logs:0hash:0x907...6782d Debug status 0x1 Transaction mined and execution succeed transaction hash 0x907056d7e2**f76d85e464a14e15dbde98dda096782d contract address 0x692a70d2e86395877b3a from 0xca368dfe2f44e8fa733c to AXL.(constructor) gas 3000000 gas

transaction cost 96**** gas execution cost 70**** gas hash 0x907056d7e2**********************f76d85e464a14e15dbde98dda096782d input 0x60c...00000 decoded input { "string name": "AXL", "string symbol": "AXL", "uint8 decimals": 18, "uint256 totalSupply": "380000000" } decoded output - logs [] value 0 wei

. (By. Avelan Kwon, Bosung Kim, Joonhyuk Jung, Dongryul Seo, Youngjae Cho, Joohie Kim)