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Lab #3 - Exam Grader(exam_grader)

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This Lab is short but not simple. It is the first time you write a function by yourself. If you look back those functions in the future, you will know that those were simple. However, you will think this is very complicate right now. It is too late to go back. Let’s start working.

Assignment template file download

First of all, you have to download the assignment template file. Please enter the below address on your Chrome or Explorer’s address bar.

Click View Raw or Download button for downloading. Or click Lab 3 – download link and it will start download automatically. Move the downloaded file to work folder and start the assignment after unzip the file.

Let’s execute the code before you edit as a test. You can execute the code by entering python on the console and an error message will be shown as below.

Start of Exam Grader Program
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 67, in <module>
  File "", line 58, in main
    total_score = sum_of_scores(number_of_subjects)
  File "", line 29, in sum_of_scores
    for i in range(number_of_subjects):
TypeError: 'NoneType' object cannot be interpreted as an integer

Unlike the existed lab, this lab is designed to work in consecutive order. Functions are not separated as before for achieving the final object. Let’s see the structure of the code. code structure

For implementing this lab assignment, let’s see the main function first. The main function is formed as below. Do not forget that the below code can be checked in the atom editor and you can open it by moving to the corresponding directory and entering atom command in console or ‘terminal’.

def main():
    print("Start of Exam Grader Program")

    number_of_subjects = get_number_of_subjects()
    total_score = sum_of_scores(number_of_subjects)
    average_score = get_average_score(
        total_score=total_score, number_of_subjects=number_of_subjects)

    print("End of Exame Grader Program")

The first and last two lines are consist of print statement and those do not affect real execution of the program. We can see the first function to edit in : number_of_subjects = get_number_of_subjects(). This code means to save the result value returned from get_number_of_subjects() function to number_of_subjects variable. Functionget_number_of_subjects() returns the total number of subjects as the values entered by the user.

The next line total_score = sum_of_scores(number_of_subjects) is helper function which does not affect on actual assignment. This is a function which helps execution of the program in overall. It is designed to enter the score of subjects depending on the number of subjects. I recommend you check after finishing the assignment.

Statementaverage_score = get_average_score(total_score=total_score, number_of_subjects=number_of_subjects) is the most important code in this lab. This code assigns the average value of grades to average_score by entering variables called total_score and number_of_subjects in the function of get_average_score. The value of variable number_of_subjects is determined in the first code line and variabletotal_score is determined in the second code respectively. There is no function get_average_score() in the downloaded lab code. Therefore, you must write it by yourself.

Finally, print_exam_grader(average_score) is the function which displays final average and grades on the screen based on the subject average score. It is helper function so you do not need to edit. However, I recommend you to check it after submitting your assignment as it describes if statement for the next lesson.

get_number_of_subjects function edit

The first function to edit is get_number_of_subjects().

# receive all numbers of subjects using Console
def get_number_of_subjects():

    # """
    # Input:
    #   - None
    # Output:
    #   - number_of_subjects: Total number of subjects in Integer Type
    # Examples(python shell):
    #   >>> import exam_grader as eg
    #   >>> eg.get_number_of_subjects()
    #   Enter the number of subjects: 10
    #   10
    # """
    # ===Modify codes below=================
    number_of_subjects = None
    # ======================================
    return number_of_subjects

It looks complicate but the function itself is simple. When executing function, a message Enter the number of subjects: will be printed on the console for an user input. When the user enters integer, it returns the value in integer type. It is a simple function. It is very easy to follow : we just 1) enter the values and 2) it converted to an integer number.

Create get_average_score function

This time, let’s write a function without any given template codes. The information of the function is the following.

contents composition
Name of function get_average_score
input variable (argument) 1. total_score : total score, Integer Type
2. number_of_subjects : number of subjects, Integer Type
output value (return) The value is total score divided by number of subjects in Float Type

I know you are worried about how to make a function with only this information. But I gave you all the information you need. In actual development, developer can decide name of functions or variations. However, in this assignment, I will not accept your assignment if you do not follow the naming rules. Computer does not lie and it does not have flexibility either.

Test and submission

If you have written all those two functions, let’s start executing. You can execute using python command in console. If you have correctly written, you would see the result as below. Enter the number of subjects: in the third line will show up and the number 3 is inputted by the user themselves and the below 85,95,100 are also required to inputted to calculate the grade.

Start of Exam Grader Program
Enter the number of subjects: 3
Enter the score of the 1 subject: 85
Enter the score of the 2 subject: 95
Enter the score of the 3 subject: 100
Average:  93.33333333333333
Grade:  A
End of Exam Grader Program

Now let’s submit the assignment.

  • Press windows+r and enter cmd and click OK.
  • Change directory to working folder.
  • Enter below code on cmd window.

After entering above command, you will see the screen as below with Login ID and Password. Enter Login ID and password which you used it for registering website.

== Submmting solutions |
Login ID:
Password :

You might see an error as below if it is incomplete.

---------------------- | ----------- | --------------------
       Function Name   |    Passed?  |             Feedback
---------------------- | ----------- | --------------------
get_number_of_subjects |       PASS  |             Good Job
   get_average_score   |    Not Yet  |   Check Your Grammar
---------------------- | ----------- | --------------------

This message usually appears when we write get_average_score with incorrect letters. Of course this may not be the problem. Anyway, re-check all the contents to find misspelled words and re-submit the assignment. You will see the message as below if everything is good to go.

---------------------- | ----------- | --------------------
       Function Name   |    Passed?  |             Feedback
---------------------- | ----------- | --------------------
get_number_of_subjects |       PASS  |             Good Job
   get_average_score   |       PASS  |             Good Job
---------------------- | ----------- | --------------------

Next Work

As you felt today, there is no more kindness. You have to do everything by yourself. You have to fight with all kinds of errors and should be challenging for more achievements. Find the causes of the errors, be comfortable with Google. Google research is your best friend to be the best programmer.

Human knowledge belongs to the world - from movie 'Password' -

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