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Lab #5 - list, control, loop practice (gowithflow)

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Remember it is just the sixth week today. Let’s start working with Lab 5. I know it is very hard and tiring but keep in mind that we are just learning the basics.

Have you ever used Instagram? It is a one of the most popular programs made by Python. And I’m pretty sure one day we can develop such a service. Therefore, do not stop practicing and let’s start today’s lab assignment.

At this time, we will practice list, if, while and so on which we already have learned before. The fundamental structure is the same as the Lab #2 - basic_operations. There are various functions and you need to edit and correct those fit for its purpose. It is getting harder but do not forget that it is the basic level and I want you to enjoy doing this Lab.

Assignment template file download

First of all, download assignment template file. Enter the below address on the address bar of Chrome or Explorer.

Click View Raw or Download button for downloading. Or click Lab 5 – download link . It will start download automatically. Move the downloaded file to work folder and start the assignment after unzip the file.

Functions need to be edited

What you have to do in this lab assignment are editing the whole main() function according to the purpose of the program like Lab #3 and Lab #4, and composing simple functions by editing unit functions such as Lab #5 and #2.

Since the logic is getting hard, and we cannot make a program only by practicing simple functions, Lab is getting complex. I prepared a lot of Labs for improving your ability better Don’t get upset. Just... i loved you too much!

Following list are functions need to be edited.

Function Description
sum_of_list Returns the sum of list element by receiving the list, consists of number values.
merge_and_sort Returns sorted and merged list from received two lists each consisted with numbers or letters.
delete_a_list_element Receives a list and data type value. If received value is in the list, return the list removed received value. Else, received value is not in list, return Integer 0.
comparison_list_size Receives two lists and compare length of list. return the bigger list.
odd_even_check Receives two integer type values and returns the string 'Even' or ‘Odd’ by sumation of two values.
discount_price Receives price in number type. if the price is lower than 100,000, return 10% discounted value. else, price is same or higher than 100,000, return 20% discounted value.
find_smallest_value Receives a list consisting of number type values. Return the smallest value.
binary_converter Receives positive integer type value and returns values converted to a binary number in string type.
number_of_cases Receives a list consisting of numbers or strings. Returns all the number of cases of combining elements values in corresponding list. Deletes all duplicated combination.

Test after editing

Execute tests after adjusting or editing each function according to its purpose. From now, there is no a test code as a helper. Therefore, the student needs to make and execute an edited code on python shell or main function by themselves. The samples test codes are commented in each function.

Things need to know before start editing

There are things look difficult before you actually do. For example, merging lists.

a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
b = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e']
c = a + b

Or, you can merge b list on a list using a.extend(b). In order to see whether there is a specific value in list, you can use an expression such as if value in list_data:. It is a syntax to verify whether values are included in variable list_data. Of course, as it is an if statement, you need to write an executive command below using indentation. You can write a code as below.

result = []
if not(value in list_data):

The command add value to list result if there are no value in list list_data. You must understand it before going ahead. For deleting a specific value in a list, you can use list_data.remove(specific value). In the command statement, list_data means the name of variable in list type and specific value means the value want to delete. For example, if you want to delete 0, you just put 0 on specific value.

Likewise, you can add a value on a list by using list_data.append(adding value). To find the smallest value in list, use min(list_data). To find how many specific value in list, use list_data.count(specific value). Those are required to complete function number_of_cases.

Assignment submission

All lab assignment has completed. Let’s submit it.

  • Press windows+r and enter cmd and click OK.
  • Change directory to working folder.
  • Enter below code on cmd window.

After entering above command, you will see the screen as below with Login ID and Password. Enter Login ID and password which we used for registering website.

== Submmting solutions |
Login ID:
Password :
-------------------- | ---------- | --------------------
       Function Name |    Passed? |             Feedback
-------------------- | ---------- | --------------------
 find_smallest_value |       PASS |             Good Job
         sum_of_list |       PASS |             Good Job
comparison_list_size |       PASS |             Good Job
    binary_converter |       PASS |             Good Job
      merge_and_sort |       PASS |             Good Job
      discount_price |       PASS |             Good Job
      odd_even_check |       PASS |             Good Job
     number_of_cases |       PASS |             Good Job
delete_a_list_element |       PASS |             Good Job
-------------------- | ---------- | --------------------

There are still people who submit their assignment without testing the corresponding codes. Sometimes, we can see an unsupported error: it means your code cannot be analyzed. What a shame of yourself! Before execute the above command, please making tests codes several times by yourself.

Next Work

Some people may feel very difficult while doing this assignment. This is because it is the first time we start working with logics. However, most computers work by logics. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the assignment by yourself to grasp the principles even though it is very complicate. This week there are only two Labs. So let’s do just one more assignment.

Human knowledge belongs to the world - from movie 'Password' -


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