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Welcome to TEAMMATES wiki! This space is used only for project ideas.

Current Project Ideas

The list of current project ideas are given in the side bar on the right, with the priority of each project marked next to it (H: High, M: Medium, L: Low). Projects that require a significant research element are marked with a :microscope:.

All the project ideas listed here are big enough to do as separate short-term sub-projects. Ideas for smaller features can be found in our issue tracker.

Project status:

  • Active: The project is being actively worked on by at least one person.
  • Open: The project is accepting new proposals.
  • Recurring: An open-ended project that can be done multiple times. While many have undertaken and completed those projects in the past, those projects will continue accepting new idea proposals to continuously improve the core features/aspects of the system.
  • Archived: The project is not accepting new proposals. This could be the case for project ideas formulated in the past and are no longer deemed necessary.
  • Suspended: The project is abandoned before completion and the team is currently assessing the action to be taken.
  • Completed: The project has been completed and is no longer available. The list of completed projects are here.

General Project Expectations

  • The feature should be implemented at production quality.
  • The code should be compliant with our coding standard, come with automated tests, and reviewed by (at least) a team member.
  • The feature should be released and field-tested. Where database operations are involved, the scalability and cost effectiveness of the implementation should be proven with quantitative evidence. TEAMMATES is a non-profit free-hosted service and every byte stored/transmitted is a cost to us which we want to minimize.
  • The feature should work with legacy data and provide means to migrate legacy data to the new format later, if needed.

Contacting us About Project Ideas

In the spirit of OSS, we prefer to discuss about project ideas in the open. Please post your ideas/questions in our issue tracker.

Knowledge Requirements

For each project, the knowledge required is described only briefly (e.g. "back-end development/testing"). The actual implementation languages/tools can be found out in the main repository.

If you are a new contributor, you may want to check our Contribution Orientation Guide.

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