this is a game about space.
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Space Jelly Commando


Upon exiting a space warp, you find yourself facing imminent death as your spaceship careens toward a star. You must execute a confusing set of instructions by finding the appropriate gadgets and doo-dads in your cockpit in order to recharge your warp drive and escape!

Space Jelly Commando is a VR game that utilizes the HTC Vive and Unity game engine. Gameplay takes its inspiration from the mobile game Spaceteam. Time pressure and quirkily-named/confusingly-placed gadgets make for a chaotic and fun gameplay experience.

The current MVP was created in 48 hours during the Seattle VR Hackathon IV, which took place Sept. 16-18, 2016.


  • Ivan Kotchouro - Dev/Engineer
  • Kieran Lampert - Design
  • Cat Most - Design (Github)
  • Kevin Vits-Wong - Sound Design
  • Jacob Rapp - Dev/Engineer (Github)
  • Shuai Y - Project Manager
  • Nicole Calace - Design
  • Liane Makatura - Design


Check out our YouTube channel!