A very small demo for people to put an images on the arduboy
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first IMAGE


A very small demo for people to put an images on the arduboy. It just shows the TEAM a.r.g. logo, but when you convert your own image with a tool, you can copy-paste that code in the place of the TEAM a.r.g. logo, upload and see the result on your arduboy.

  • press the "Download ZIP" button on the right side of this page
  • unzip it
  • remove the "-master" out of the folders name
  • double click on the firstIMAGE.ino file and arduino IDE should open the file.
  • the image code is in the bitmaps.h "tab"
  • replace all the data between the { }; with your own
  • change the height and width on the firstIMAGE.ino "tab" arduboy.drawBitmap(0, 8, TEAMarg, 128, 48, WHITE);

Download latest Arduboy version and source : https://github.com/TEAMarg/DM-08-firstIMAGE/releases/latest

webpage: http://www.team-arg.org/demos.html

screenshot: Image