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oXygen XML Editor frameworks for TEI

This project contains the oXygen XML Editor specific support for TEI. It is organized as follows:

  • the "frameworks" folder contains the actual TEI frameworks.
  • the "lib" folder contains the jars required for building the JAVA extensions from each framework.
  • the "tools" folder is intended for required tools like the Apache ANT.
  • the "dist" folder will contain the packed distribution of all frameworks.

If you just want to update your oXygen XML Editor framework for TEI

If all you want to do is update your oXygen XML Editor framework for TEI to the latest release then the suggestions at with some differences because of the changes in oXygen versions since then. If you really wanted to get the development version and have that auto-update you could point to the oxygen-tei-stable or oxygen-tei-bleeding jobs on e.g. but be warned that here be dragons.

Before you begin - adding oxygen.jar to the project

The extensions defined in the project depend on the oxygen.jar library that is not distributed with this project. There are a few possibilities make that library available:

  • you can copy oxygen.jar from the lib folder of an oXygen installation inside the project lib folder
  • edit the file and add an entry like oxygen.jar = path/to/your/oxygen.jar

As an alternative, if the project frameworks/tei folder is checked out as the oXygen frameworks/tei folder then the oxygen.jar will be found automatically by looking inside the Oxygen lib folder.

Editing the frameworks configuration files

The framework configurations are stored in a "*.framework" files. These can be edited using oXygen through the Options -> Preferences -- Document Type Associations option page.

The frameworks should be the current oXygen frameworks, so you need to place your framework folder inside oXygen frameworks folder or if you have this in a different folder then you need to configure oXygen to use that folder as the folder that contains the frameworks. You can select a different frameworks folder following the steps below:

  • go to Options -> Preferences -- Global options page
  • check "Use custom frameworks (Document Type Association) framework"
  • in the "Framework directory" field specify your frameworks folder
  • restart oXygen Now if you go to Options -> Preferences -- Document Type Association page you should see there the frameworks defined in your frameworks folder.

Building the distribution

The project uses Apache ANT to build the distribution. The "build.xml" file contains the ant targets. In order to obtain a distribution run "ant" inside a command line or use Eclipse to "Run as->Ant build" over the build file. The build will put the frameworks inside the "dist" folder packed in a zip archive.


After building the project, you must unzip the resulting "dist/" file inside oXygen frameworks folder. By default this is the frameworks" folder from your oXygen installation but it can be changed as described at "Editing the framework configuration file" section above.