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A miniature Heroku clone for easy in-house deployments, powered by Docker. A work in progress.
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A miniature Heroku clone for easy in-house deployments, powered by Docker.

What Is It?

At Tendigi, we build applications for a variety of clients, often simultaneously, and those applications usually require server-side infrastructure. We also build random things internally from time to time, and these often depend on services that have to live somewhere.

For production deployments, we love Heroku (when it makes financial sense) as well as systems like Deis which can be deployed on AWS / DigitalOcean / etc.

We longed for a simple, on-site PaaS solution that we could hack on as our needs evolved. Dokku is a great project, but we ran into some issues with it (problems updating to newer versions, discrepancies in application behavior compared to our other Deis deployments, a little annoying to work on because it's a collection of shell scripts, etc). As a result, we built EzPaaS: a mini Heroku clone, built in Ruby, powered by Deis images running on Docker.


EzPaaS Server

Important! To use this CLI utility, you need to have EzPaaS Server deployed somewhere. This can be on your local machine (the CLI will connect to localhost on port 3000 by default) or a remote server by passing the --server option.


EzPaaS also requires Ruby 2.2 or newer. It may work with older versions, but they have not been tested.


Install the gem. The easiest way is to install it for all users with sudo:

$ sudo gem install ezpaas-cli


Create an app

$ ezpaas apps create

List all apps on the server

$ ezpaas apps list

Deploy an app

$ ezpaas deployments push --app=<app name>

Scale an app

$ ezpaas deployments scale [<process=count>...] --app=<app name>

Take an app down

$ ezpaas deployments destroy --app=<app name>

Delete an app

$ ezpaas apps destroy


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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