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TES3MP Scripts

A collection of free/libre open source TES3MP scripts.

If you are interested in becoming an collaborator to this project, feel free to join us on our official Discord Server.


These scripts are intended to use with version 0.7.0-alpha (not "prerelease") and are therefore for testing purposes only. All scripts for version 0.6.1 can be found in the 0.6.1 subdirectory.

There are no scripts for the current release 0.7.0-prelease in this repository. You find a basic Guide on how to port scripts with this link.

Installation instructions

  1. Copy the contents of lib into your CoreScripts/lib directory.
  2. Place your favoured modules in CoreScripts/modules.
  3. Some modules require additional data files. Copy these files into CoreScripts/data.
  4. Follow additional install instructions inside the files.
  5. Enjoy!

Module overview

Name Description
BabelFish An experimental translation module to send and receive messages in a preferred language using Google Translate.
DynamicDifficulty A module that increases the difficulty linearly based on player level.
HardcoreMode A mode that makes the death of players semi-permanent by putting them in a seperate afterlife area.
IrcBridge A module to bridge IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and the in-game chat.
Localisation A localisation modules to add localisation-support to TES3MP-modules.
Mailbox A basic Mailbox system.
MaintenanceMode A maintenance mode that prevents normal players from joining.
MotD A basic message of the day module.
RealEstate A module to provide houses buyable by players.
UserConig OBSOLETE. It might be used as scripting reference.
VirtualDrakes An alternate currency generated by active play time.

Other open source TES3MP repositories

Name Type Author
Atkana/tes3mp-scripts Lua (0.6.2) Atkana
Boyos999/tes3mpScripts Python Boyos
David-AW/Repos Lua (0.6.2) David-AW
Jerthebear/TES3MP-Scripts Lua (0.7.0) JerTheBear
Nater/Repos Python Nater
NicholasAH/Repos Lua (0.6.2) NicholasAH
Uramer/TES3MP-Scripts Lua (0.7.0) Urm
RickOff/Ecarlate Lua (0.6.2) RickOff
SaintWish/ScriptLoader Lua (0.7.0) Wishbone
Schnibbsel/TES3MP-Pants Lua (0.7.0) Schnibbsel
Skvysh/TES3MP-Stuffs Lua (0.7.0) Skvysh
TES3MP-TeamFOSS/LiveMap Lua / JavaScript / PHP TES3MP-TeamFOSS
Texafornian/ccSuite Lua (0.7.0) Texafornian
Texafornian/mwTDM-0.6.1 Lua (0.6.1) Texafornian
Texafornian/Plugins-0.6.1 Lua (0.6.1) Texafornian
Texafornian/TES3MP-Server-Stats Python Texafornian



Language Author
Danish Emil
Dutch Max van der Sluis
German Michael Fitzmayer
English Michael Fitzmayer
French Nwah
Portuguese Grim Kriegor
Russian urm


Ashfall – TES3MP script repository



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