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  • Synchronization of custom records for spells, potions, enchantments, creatures, NPCs, armor, books, clothing, miscellaneous items and weapons
  • Synchronization of weather
  • Synchronization of world map exploration
  • Synchronization of spells cast through items
  • Synchronization of player reputations
  • Reworked attack synchronization now accounts for "cast on strike" enchantments, knockdowns and projectile speeds
  • Reworked container synchronization that relies on server approval of every container change
  • Reworked object synchronization that relies on server approval of every action on objects and tracks whether actions originated from regular gameplay, the console or from ingame scripts
  • Reworked time synchronization that preserves ingame date and does not allow for any unilateral clientside time changes
  • Reworked summoning synchronization that prevents duplicate summons and retains summon durations
  • Reworked inventory, equipment, attribute, skill and dynamic stat packets that are sent more often while containing minimal instead of maximal data
  • Packet for activation of objects
  • Packet for using items in inventory
  • Packet for actor AI
  • Packet for actor deaths, used to track their killers
  • Packet for overriding collision on objects
  • Packet for setting momentum of players
  • Packet for saving and loading marked locations and selected spells
  • Player scales and disguises as creatures are now included in shapeshift packets
  • Soulgem souls are now included in item and object placement packets
  • Physics framerate caps and enforced log levels are now included in game settings packets
  • Journal entry timestamps are now included in journal packets
  • The value of the OnPCDrop variable for player-placed objects is now preserved by being included in object placement packets
  • Video play packets no longer have hardcoded synchronization
  • Death packets now include clear information about the killers, and deaths through spells are no longer treated as suicides
  • Inventory packets no longer include bound items, preventing them from becoming persistent upon quitting
  • Fix broken check in equipment synchronization that was preventing throwing weapon synchronization from working
  • Fix rare inability to start up game caused by use of potentially invalid pointer for storing cell unloads
  • Death as a werewolf now removes status as known werewolf, to prevent infinite aggression from NPCs
  • Death as a criminal now prevents witnesses to previous crimes from continuing combat
  • Players are now kicked from the server when failing to reply to its handshake
  • Players can no longer open up their rest menu before logging in
  • NPC followers now follow players correctly from interiors to exteriors and vice versa, and are able to follow non-authority players
  • NPCs can now start combat through dialogue with non-authority players
  • The console window now displays the unique index of a selected object


  • Packet for quick keys
  • Packet for player sounds
  • Packet for player animations
  • Packet for console commands
  • Enchantment charge values are now included in item and object placement packets
  • Settings packet can now be used to separately enable or disable resting in beds, resting in the wilderness and waiting
  • Changes in attribute and skill modifiers now send their respective packets
  • Attribute and skill packets using 0 as a modifier can now remove all attribute or skill fortification effects from a player
  • Completion of vendor trades and skill training now sends inventory packets
  • Item drag and dropping is now finished when arrested or when moved to another cell by the server
  • Window minimization no longer pauses the game
  • Actor speech captions are now searched for in dialogues instead of being sent in packets


  • Record player positions before their last cell change
  • Remove inertia from players who are teleported via a packet
  • Fix data loss caused by server packets attempting to add invalid items, spells and quests
  • Fix client crashes caused by items with state disabling scripts, as well as their side effects of making players disappear to others
  • Fix server crashes caused by improper interior initialization when exterior 0, 0 is loaded
  • Fix server freezes caused by infinite topic packet spam from local scripts
  • Fix spell casting probability synchronization
  • Prevent players from using excessively long names


  • Synchronization of NPC & creature positions, stats, equipment, speech, attacks, spells & animations
  • Reworked server browser with major stability fixes and additional information about servers
  • Synchronization of client & server plugins (non-automated)
  • Synchronization of leveled & summoned creature spawns
  • Synchronization of rotation animations
  • Synchronization of journal entries
  • Synchronization of faction ranks, reputation and expulsion states
  • Synchronization of dialogue topics
  • Synchronization of kill counts checked in quest progression
  • Synchronization of trap states
  • Synchronization of object states (i.e. whether they are enabled or disabled)
  • Synchronization of player werewolf states
  • Synchronization of time of day
  • Packet for saving and loading of read skill books
  • Fix to messagebox buttons for client scripts
  • Fix to synchronization of object locking/unlocking
  • Packet for jailing players
  • Packet for setting the difficulty for each player
  • Bandwidth optimization for all packet types
  • Various fixes to client & server crashes


  • Fix to server crash caused by not deleting empty cells upon players disconnecting
  • Fix to client freezes caused by invalid spells and races
  • Fix to players not being spawned when using other base master files
  • Fix to visual glitch where flying players bounced up and down continuously


  • Fix to server crash caused by incorrect cell comparison added by bandwidth optimization changes
  • Fix to server browser freeze caused by connection failures and incomplete data received from master server


  • Server browser
  • Synchronization of containers
  • Reworked world packets allowing for the saving and loading of world state, including container state
  • Bandwidth optimization by forwarding the most frequent player packets only to other players in the same loaded cells


  • Packet for saving and loading spellbooks


  • Synchronization of spells
  • Packet for saving and loading inventories
  • Being in a menu no longer prevents you from sending packets about your client
  • Fixes to freezes and problems caused by players moving around in cells from expansions/plugins that are not loaded by others


  • Synchronization of world object removal, placement, scaling, locking and unlocking
  • Synchronization of local, global and member script variables for specific scripts
  • Synchronization for the setdelete, placeat, setscale, lock and unlock console commands
  • Player markers on minimap
  • Death reasons in chat
  • Fix to client freeze related to players logging in at the same time
  • Fix to server crash related to sending information about invalid players


  • Packets for saving and loading classes, birthsigns, dynamic stats, levels, level progress, attribute bonuses from skill increases and progress towards skill increases
  • Version checking to prevent mismatches between clients and servers


  • Synchronization of attributes and skills
  • Fix to memory leaks related to player initialization on Windows servers
  • Fix to various graphical glitches
  • Main menu buttons for starting, saving and loading games are now disabled


  • Combat animation
  • Synchronization of melee and ranged (bow, crossbow, throwable weapons) combat
  • Synchronization of health, magicka, fatigue and death
  • Synchronization of cell changes
  • Server-side Lua scripting
  • Chat


  • Initial networking and packet architecture
  • Synchronization of player character generation
  • Synchronization of player position
  • Synchronization of player attack states (unarmed, armed with a weapon, using a spell)
  • Synchronization of movement and jump animations