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TES3MP 0.7-alpha

@davidcernat davidcernat released this
· 135 commits to 0.7.0 since this release
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  • Synchronization of custom records for spells, potions, enchantments, creatures, NPCs, armor, books, clothing, miscellaneous items and weapons
  • Synchronization of weather
  • Synchronization of world map exploration
  • Synchronization of spells cast through items
  • Synchronization of player reputations
  • Reworked attack synchronization now accounts for "cast on strike" enchantments, knockdowns and projectile speeds
  • Reworked container synchronization that relies on server approval of every container change
  • Reworked object synchronization that relies on server approval of every action on objects and tracks whether actions originated from regular gameplay, the console or from ingame scripts
  • Reworked time synchronization that preserves ingame date and does not allow for any unilateral clientside time changes
  • Reworked summoning synchronization that prevents duplicate summons and retains summon durations
  • Reworked inventory, equipment, attribute, skill and dynamic stat packets that are sent more often while containing minimal instead of maximal data
  • Packet for activation of objects
  • Packet for using items in inventory
  • Packet for actor AI
  • Packet for actor deaths, used to track their killers
  • Packet for overriding collision on objects
  • Packet for setting momentum of players
  • Packet for saving and loading marked locations and selected spells
  • Player scales and disguises as creatures are now included in shapeshift packets
  • Soulgem souls are now included in item and object placement packets
  • Physics framerate caps and enforced log levels are now included in game settings packets
  • Journal entry timestamps are now included in journal packets
  • The value of the OnPCDrop variable for player-placed objects is now preserved by being included in object placement packets
  • Video play packets no longer have hardcoded synchronization
  • Death packets now include clear information about the killers, and deaths through spells are no longer treated as suicides
  • Inventory packets no longer include bound items, preventing them from becoming persistent upon quitting
  • Fix broken check in equipment synchronization that was preventing throwing weapon synchronization from working
  • Fix rare inability to start up game caused by use of potentially invalid pointer for storing cell unloads
  • Death as a werewolf now removes status as known werewolf, to prevent infinite aggression from NPCs
  • Death as a criminal now prevents witnesses to previous crimes from continuing combat
  • Players are now kicked from the server when failing to reply to its handshake
  • Players can no longer open up their rest menu before logging in
  • NPC followers now follow players correctly from interiors to exteriors and vice versa, and are able to follow non-authority players
  • NPCs can now start combat through dialogue with non-authority players
  • The console window now displays the unique index of a selected object

Note: The Windows and Linux builds include commits up to the 20th of May 2019, with C++ hotfixes for combat sync, packet spam, the equipping of enchanted items, the placement of items in full containers, the handling of soulgems, the tracking of kills done through magic, the synchronization of spell scroll usage and various client and server crashes, as well as Lua script hotfixes for player data loss, the duplication of enchanted items, the inability to save cell data for cells containing non-ASCII characters in their names, the correct removal of inventory items from the server data, and some server crashes.

The macOS build includes commits up to the 31st of January.