@davidcernat davidcernat released this Dec 25, 2017 · 50 commits to 0.6.2 since this release

Assets 4
  • Packet for quick keys
  • Packet for player sounds
  • Packet for player animations
  • Packet for console commands
  • Enchantment charge values are now included in item and object placement packets
  • Settings packet can now be used to separately enable or disable resting in beds, resting in the wilderness and waiting
  • Changes in attribute and skill modifiers now send their respective packets
  • Attribute and skill packets using 0 as a modifier can now remove all attribute or skill fortification effects from a player
  • Completion of vendor trades and skill training now sends inventory packets
  • Item drag and dropping is now finished when arrested or when moved to another cell by the server
  • Window minimization no longer pauses the game
  • Actor speech captions are now searched for in dialogues instead of being sent in packets

Note: The "hotfixed" releases include C++ hotfixes up to the 27th of January that have resolved additional problems, as well as all additional changes made to the 0.6.2 branch of the Lua scripts after that date.