Building on GNU Linux

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Using the TES3MP-deploy script

Since TES3MP is such a leviathan, the community has been using this script to easily build it and its dependencies across multiple different GNU/Linux distros, following are some suggestions on how to use it

Download either via git or manually

git clone

cd TES3MP-deploy


mkdir TES3MP-deploy

cd TES3MP-deploy


Check the available parameters and options

./ --help

Install TES3MP client, server and its dependencies

./ --install

Alternatively instal only the server

./ --install --server-only

Run it

Run the client browser


Or the server


Other useful features

Upgrade the TES3MP code and rebuild

./ --upgrade

Auto upgrade if there are code changes upstream, particularly useful on server setups

./ --auto-upgrade --cores 1

Upgrade the script itself regardless of how you downloaded it

./ --script-upgrade

Build a specific TES3MP version by specifying the commit/tag

./ --install --commit tags/tes3mp-0.6.1


This may also work on Mac OS X provided you manually install the dependencies for building TES3MP and its major dependencies, such as RakNet


Work in progress

You might wanna take a look at the insides of the TES3MP-deploy script to get an idea.

The tarball package creation guide might also be useful handling some dependencies.

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