Quickstart guide

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1) Visit the GitHub releases page, pick the latest version package that suits your operating system and unpack it in its own folder somewhere. Do not unpack it in the same folder as a previous OpenMW installation.

2) Run the openmw-wizard executable from the tes3mp folder and point it to your Morrowind installation.

(This step is not necessary if you already have OpenMW installed and working, because TES3MP will simply use the same settings as it.)

3) Run the openmw-launcher executable and select your expansions and plugins from the Data Files section.

By default, servers require you to only use Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

4) Either click the Play button from openmw-launcher or run the tes3mp-browser executable to start the server browser.

You can also start your own server using the tes3mp-server executable and then connect to it after refreshing the browser.

5) In the server browser, double click on a server of your choice and check its details, then try to connect to it.

If your list of plugins matches up with it, the game will load up and you will have to input your name.

If your name has never been used on that server, you will be asked to register it by putting in a password. If it has been used before, you will need to know its password.

If it takes you more than 60 seconds to put in your password, you will be disconnected from the server.

Note that F2 can be used to hide the chat area. Simply press it again to reveal it.

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