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GitHub Issue Tracker

Our GitHub issue tracker offers a place to submit and discuss feature requests and bug reports. When using it, please ensure that any criticism you provide is constructive.

Please do not use the tracker for general help and support on how to use xEdit.


xEdit 4.0.0 by ElminsterAU. Updates since 2012 include TES5Edit/SSEEdit/FO4Edit by Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran. LOD management by Sheson.

xEdit Cleaning Guide

With the 4.0 update all previous guides are obsolete. Refer to the xEdit Quick Auto Clean

Current Official Threads

xEdit versions

Rename to TES4Edit.exe to work with Oblivion.
Rename to TES5Edit.exe to work with Skyrim.
Rename to TES5VREdit.exe to work with Skyrim VR.
Rename to EnderalEdit.exe to work with Enderal.
Rename to SSEEdit to work with Skyrim SE.
Rename to EnderalSEEdit to work with Enderal SE.
Rename to FO3Edit.exe to work with Fallout3.
Rename to FNVEdit.exe to work with New Vegas.
Rename to FO4Edit.exe to work with Fallout 4.
Rename to FO4VREdit.exe to work with Fallout 4 VR.
Rename to FO76Edit.exe to work with Fallout 76.


Online Documentation

EpFwip started an HTML conversion of the Fallout 3 Training Manual many years ago. With the help of GhPages and Jekyll online documentation for xEdit is now available. New screen shots of the Fallout 3 examples that Miax and JustinOther presented will be added as time permits. Also the website will continue to evolve over time.

However, for now consider what the Tome of xEdit presents as a current resource for xEdit functionality. The previous PDF file presented step by step illustrations of the built in functions available to xEdit. While the UI itself has had few changes over time the functions work the same and only certain functions are game specific.

The online documentation is available from the Help button built into the developmental version of xEdit or you can view it from here.


Check for new versions here

xLODGen Versions

xEdit Updates

With each new version of xEdit it is recommended to restore plugins from backups and reclean them. Otherwise any fixes and updates to cleaning process won't take effect.


What's New

The Changelog has been moved to the What's New document.