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@Sharlikran Sharlikran released this Nov 24, 2019 · 0 commits to dev since this release


  • (reported on Discord) - [TES5/SSE] BOOKs teaching SPELs should not allow NULL
  • Check for Errors now reports invalid ObjectID in light modules and HITMEs
  • #649 - Right pane filter bug
  • #654 - [FO4] Check for Errors: reports error when a region / object list has SCOL entries
  • #659 - When comparing records, right-clicking to Expand All produces a contextual menu that hangs the Expand All functionality
  • #669 - CELL at 0,0 may be spuriously added to worldspaces during cleaning.
  • #670 - [FO4] Damage magic effects mislabelled subrecord
  • #674 - Invalid ITMs may be reported in rare cases when form versions differ
  • #676 - Ghosted ESPs and Modgroups
  • #678 - AccessViolation while generating conflict status in rare cases
  • #691 - [FO4/FO76] Copying CELL data into a file can cause landscape collision to be re-enabled when it shouldn't
  • #694 - scheduled save from save failure not removed on subsequent successes
  • #695 - Typo in Weap>DNAM>Animation Type: Balistic -> Ballistic
  • #682 - The path bar covers the forward and back buttons if the window is too small
  • #696 - Double Listing of "Decrease Equip Time" in Weapon Mod Effect
  • #697 - Cannot apply scripts using Classes, SysUtils, StrUtils or Windows units
  • #708 - "Clean masters" function doesn't remove all masters at first use
  • #718 - access violation when holding delete
  • #720 - wrong order for FNAM and LNAM in MUST
  • #721 - The MTNM field in RACE record is written with unnecessary terminating 0 byte
  • #729 - LODGen can fail with references that have NULL or unresolvable Base FormIDs
  • #732 - New CK leaves Base record listed for deleted REFRs, should not be marked as error
  • #733 - changing the form id of an overridden record doesn't update the link between original and override until restart
  • #734 - right side window's record overrides don't focus on currently selected mod
  • #737 - Ambiguity in Skyrim's QUST definition
  • #747 - Ambiguity in Skyrim's PACK definition
  • #748 - Changing ANAM in Skyrim's PACK does not update the CNAM prompt
  • #750 - form id override's id changes while the original fails in case id number's changed to an existing id
  • (reported on Discord) - cleaning Dragonborn.esm can make Boars non-aggressive
  • (reported on Discord) - crash in NAVM when triangle edge is flagged as edge link, but the number stored in the edge field can't look up a valid external NAVM via the Edge Links table
  • (reported on Discord) - VeryQuickShowConflicts may very rarely not show certain conflicts
  • (reported on Discord) - Hardcoded (FormID < 800) records are not handled correctly in modules that don't have the game master as a master
  • (reported on Discord) - adding a new module after having performed a "Compare To" puts the new module at the wrong load order
  • (reported on Discord) - error when copying nif blocks with skinning
  • (reported on Discord) - double click on integer and float elements does not show in-place editor if they are inside a union
  • (reported on Discord) - in very rare cases, a change might not result in the file being marked as having unsaved changes
  • (reported on Discord) - changing the FormID of a record might not always update the FormID of the "Children of" group for that record
  • (reported on Discord) - Module selection misbehaves for modules with missing masters
  • (found by developer) - TdfElement.LoadFromResource does not report if the resource can't be found
  • (found by developer) - Quick [Auto] Clean allows selecting the game master (which makes no sense)
  • (found by developer) - [FO4] incorrect subrecord order in CELL
  • (found by developer) - injected records are not showing up in drop down of FormID in-place editor
  • (found by developer) - orphaned "Children of" groups can cause Asserts when trying to display them in the nav tree view

Minor changes

  • #637 - [FO4/FO76] TTEB - Unknown in RACE record is "Blend Operation"
  • #679 - [FO4/FO76] VISI and PCMB subrecords decoding
  • #722 - suffix removal during formid copying
  • #731 - [FO4] "Unknown 11" in the "Data-Flags" subrecord of CELL records is "Hidden from Interior Cell List"
  • [FO3/FNV] Flag 0 in BOOK means "Scroll"
  • [FO3/FNV] make "RuntimeScriptProfiler xSE Extension Log" available
  • Report error records in PrepareSave with full path instead of just their name
  • Show tooltip hint for View column headers
  • Show indices for unsorted SubRecord Arrays
  • [TES5/SSE] added ENCH to Knowable Forms
  • Allow assigning to deleted records
  • Experts can activate an option which enables an extended FormID space (001-FFF instead of 800-FFF) when compacting for ESL

Shortened Parameters

Some parameters can be specified in a shortened way now:

  • -quickshowconflicts as -qsc
  • -veryquickshowconflicts as -vqsc
  • -autogamelink as -agl
  • -quickclean as -qc
  • -quickautoclean as -qac

Changes to QuickAutoClean

As a fix for a problem in Dawnguard.esm (see details below in previous version) QAC was marking all records in a to be cleaned file as modified, which made xEdit assemble these records from parsed data instead of just writing out the bytes that were read when the file was loaded.
This resulted in problems when cleaning Dragonborn.esm (and possibly other files).
xEdit is now only marking all records as modified in Dawnguard.esm
This behaviour can be controlled with 2 parameters:

  • -NoAutoMarkModified prevents mark modified from being applied to Dawnguard.esm (resulting in the Soul Cairn error described below)
  • -ForceMarkModified always applies mark modified to the cleaned file (if there was anything to clean)
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