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Record Types

Each record type's page documents its subrecords. The common record header structure is documented further down this page.

Type Name
ACRE Placed Creature
ACTI Activator
ADDN Addon Node
ALCH Ingestible
AMMO Ammunition
ANIO Animated Object
ARMO Armor
ARMA Armor Addon
ASPC Acoustic Space
AVIF Actor Value Information
BPTD Body Part Data
CAMS Camera Shot
CLAS Class
CLMT Climate
COBJ Constructable Object
CONT Container
CPTH Camera Path
CREA Creature
CSTY Combat Style
DEBR Debris
DIAL Dialog Topic
DOBJ Default Object Manager
ECZN Encounter Zone
EFSH Effect Shader
ENCH Object Effect
EXPL Explosion
FACT Faction
FLST FormID List
FURN Furniture
GLOB Global
GMST Game Setting
GRAS Grass
HDPT Head Part
IDLE Idle Animation
IDLM Idle Marker
IMGS Image Space
IMAD Image Space Modifier
INFO Dialog Response
INGR Ingredient
IPCT Impact
IPDS Impact Data Set
LAND Landscape
LGMT Lighting Template
LIGH Light
LSCR Load Screen
LTEX Landscape Texture
LVLC Leveled Creature
LVLI Leveled Item
LVLN Leveled NPC
MESG Message
MGEF Base Effect
MICN Menu Icon
MISC Misc. Item
MSTT Moveable Static
MUSC Music Type
NAVI Navigation Mesh Info Map
NAVM Navigation Mesh
NPC_ Non-Player Character
PACK Package
PGRE Placed Grenade
PMIS Placed Missile
PROJ Projectile
PWAT Placeable Water
QUST Quest
RADS Radiation Stage
REFR Placed Object
REGN Region
RGDL Ragdoll
SCOL Static Collection
SCPT Script
SOUN Sound
SPEL Actor Effect
STAT Static
TACT Talking Activator
TERM Terminal
TES4 Plugin info
TXST Texture Set
VTYP Voice Type
WATR Water
WEAP Weapon
WRLD Worldspace
WTHR Weather

Record Format

Name Type Info
type char[4] Record type.
dataSize uint32 Size of the data.
flags uint32 Record flags. See the section below for details.
id formid The record FormID. TES4 records have a FormID of 0.
revision uint32 Used for revision control by the Creation Kit, if enabled.
version uint16 Form Version
unknown uint16 ??
data uint8[dataSize] For uncompressed records, this is a sequence of subrecords. For compressed records, see the section below for details.


Flags have contextual meaning depending on the record type. The known meanings are given below.

Flag Meaning
0x00000001 The plugin is a master file.
0x00000002 ??
0x00000004 ??
0x00000008 ??
0x00000010 ??
0x00000020 Deleted
0x00000040 Border Region / Has Tree LOD / Constant / Hidden From Local Map
0x00000080 Turn Off Fire
0x00000100 Inaccessible
0x00000200 Casts shadows / On Local Map / Motion Blur
0x00000400 Quest item / Persistent reference
0x00000800 Initially disabled
0x00001000 Ignored
0x00002000 No Voice Filter
0x00004000 ??
0x00008000 Visible when distant
0x00010000 Random Anim Start / High Priority LOD
0x00020000 Dangerous / Off limits (Interior cell) / Radio Station (Talking Activator)
0x00040000 Compressed
0x00080000 Can't wait / Platform Specific Texture
0x00100000 ??
0x00200000 ??
0x00400000 ??
0x00800000 ??
0x01000000 ??
0x02000000 Obstacle / No AI Acquire
0x04000000 NavMesh Generation - Filter
0x08000000 NavMesh Generation - Bounding Box
0x10000000 Non-Pipboy / Reflected by Auto Water
0x20000000 Child Can Use / Refracted by Auto Water
0x40000000 NavMesh Generation - Ground
0x80000000 ??

Compressed Data

Compressed data has the following format.

Name Type Info
decompSize uint32 Size of the decompressed data.
compData uint8[ dataSize - 4 ] Collection of subrecords compressed using zlib.

Subrecord Format

Name Type Info
type char[4] Subrecord type.
dataSize uint16 Size of the data, unless the preceding subrecord has the type XXXX, in which case this will be 0 and the size of the data field will be given by the preceding subrecord's data, interpreted as a 32-bit unsigned integer.
data uint8[dataSize] The format of the data depends on the subrecord type and the type of the record containing it.
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