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Break the string for pep8

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1 parent 06fbca4 commit 3f100ae9ef7dc8aef708b33e1a4871be9ac8b3ff @Azd325 Azd325 committed Feb 5, 2013
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3 cmsplugin_eviscape/
@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ def get_sent_evis(server, nod_id, limit, evis_type):
"""(Currently) returns a list of dictionaries with keys evis, ref and id.
Returns an empty list in case it could not fetch the data from eviscape."""
- json_url = "http://%s/api/1.0/rest/?method=evis.sent&format=json&jsoncallback=?&nod_id=%s&per_page=%s" % (server, nod_id, limit)
+ json_url = "http://{0}/api/1.0/rest/?method=evis.sent&format=json" \
+ "&jsoncallback=?&nod_id={1}&per_page={2}".format(server, nod_id, limit)
# quick and dirty

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