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#TESTAR v1.2 (2015-12-02)
- Graphical environment
-> Color = 32bit required
=> Using remote desktop with lower color (i.e. 16bit) will result on an "Unable to update layered window" error message (@console)
- System Under Test (SUT)
-> Browsers support for Web applications
=> Internet explorer x86 (32 bit executable) will result on a "System is offline! I assume it crashed" error message (@console)
=> Mozilla Firefox: scrollbars not being detected (not compliant with Accessiblity API)
=> Google Chrome: web application widgets not being detected
- Protocol
-> Editing
-> "ReferenceError: "ImportPackage" is not defined in <eval> at line number 2" error message
=> Just ignore the message (due to outdated library jsyntaxpane-0.9.5-b29)
-> Compilation
-> "JDK required (running inside of JRE) error" error message
=> make sure you are running TESTAR with Java JDK version (not JRE version)
- Console error messages
-> "System is offline! I assume it crashed"
=> Check whether the SUT is already running. In such a case, first close any SUT process beforehand.
- Abstract graphs
-> sometimes the abstracted graphs are broken in several partitions
=> it happens whenever there are actions that from the same state S0, ends in different states S1, S2
=> such actions are represented as MUTATED in non-abstracted graphs
=> during abstraction, MUTATED actions are lost because of the clusterization (i.e. cluster S0->S1, but not S0->S2)
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