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Welcome to the Terraria Map Editor (TEdit 3) wiki!

Table of Contents

Project Contributors

Contributors Page
BinaryConstruct - Developer
Healthtech - Wall, Tile and Tree Textures
HerbertV - Sprite Variants
Kyphis - Schematics
NeilWhite - Conflict Resolution and Honey
RlonRyan - Development
ShaneK - Jumping to Chests
SineSwiper - Xml Settings
SinisterStairs - Development
zinfinion - Tile Updates

Other Contributions
Ahamling27 - Testing Support and Promotion
Aimeryan - Wiki Writer and Testing Support

Downloading TEdit

The latest downloads, content files and schematics can be found here:
Please read the Install Requirements!

TEdit Wiki Navigation

Install Requirements
Getting Started
The Building Blocks of Terraria
Active Tray
Information Bar
World Properties
False Color Schematics
Chest Editor
Shortcuts and Keybindings
How TEdit manages Saving and Backups
Known Limitations

ToDo List


Want to help on development?

Fork the master branch and create a pull request. Be sure to request merging into the "Master" branch. Read this for more info:

Issues? Crashes ?

If you have an issue or crash log, create a Gist and link it in an issue.

Logs are located in "My Documents"\My Games\Terraria\TEditLog.txt

See Troubleshooting

Terraria Online Threads

The Terraria online official forum thread for TEdit can be found at
A thread for user-created schematics is located at

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