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May 31, 2019
Jun 1, 2017

Team Fortress 2 Sandbox

Build status
License: GPL v3


In Team Fortress 2 Sandbox, players can release their creativity and build things they love. You can roleplay, build bases, make a machinima, start a resturant, build a town, take over a planet in space. The only limit is your imagination!

Sandbox Features

  • Spawnmenu - The spawnmenu allows you to spawn props. It features categories such as Construction, Comic, Items, Weapons, and HL2.
  • Move/Rotate/Scale Props - Use +copy, +move, or even sm_skin to customize your props.
  • Physics Gun - The Garry's Mod classic returns here, with a easy way of moving around props, you'll never have issues.
  • Tool Gun - Explode everything, customize a prop, or disallow collisions on a prop.
  • Noclip - Fly through walls to get where you need to.
  • Player Menu - Add conditions or pose yourself.

Social Media

You can find links to our Discord, TF2 Server, and Steam Group here.