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This release uses STM8 eForth to turn a $1.50 off-the-shelf W1209 into a data logging thermostat.

Features are:

  • heating thermostat, e.g. for building chicken egg incubators
  • basic sensor failure detection
  • parameters for set-point, hysteresis, and trip-delay
  • easy to use parameters menu (no need to search for a manual!)
  • temperature logger with 0.1h to 10h interval, and a 288 entry ring-buffer
  • logger access through a serial console
  • fully programmable in Forth, even while it's running!

Although it's feature-complete, this is work in progress:

  • Beta-grade "bleeding edge"
  • not even an "endurance run" yet

Planned features:

  • Improved logger with min/max temperature, and heating duty cycle
  • Field-bus feature for thermostats
  • more fail-safe features (parameter integrity, maybe a buzzer)

Please check out the HACKADAY.IO project!