Multiple error messages when using WP Theme Check #103

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Have noticed in either the latest version of TGM or Theme Check, that it throws countless errors! Older versions seemed to be ok?

This message mainly -

Possible variable $this found in translation function in functions/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php. Translation function calls must NOT contain PHP variables.

Any ideas? Obviously with submitting to ThemeForest I dont want the reviewers seeing this list of errors and having a fit!!



Sorry about the late response on this. Somehow I missed it in my email inbox and just saw the notification here on Git.

That is because we use a variable, $theme_text_domain for localization instead of a string. To fix this, you would need to do a search and replace of all instances of the following in the script and replace it with either your own custom textdomain or 'tgmpa':


That will fix all of those warnings for you. I plan to address this in v3.0.0.


How do I go about fixing these - TGM_Plugin_Activation::$instance->domain


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