Amendments to class properties #58

GaryJones opened this Issue Oct 19, 2011 · 3 comments

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Change each of the class properties from using the var keyword to the private or protected (if we expect the class might be extended upon) keyword, since they shouldn't be able to be accessed from outside the class.

@GaryJones GaryJones was assigned Dec 26, 2011

I access these properties within the new classes that aid bulk installation/activation. Not directly, mind you, but I do access them via the $instance property. Will setting these to protected or private affect the current usage?


Setting this to 3.0.0 as it is not urgent for the next version release (2.2.0).


Possibly - but lets set them to public for now, and consider whether we want them as private in 3.0.0

Changing this milestone back to 2.2.0 for now.

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