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I am getting this warning Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments when installing plugins through TGMPA script on WordPress 4.8. Is this a known warning with latest version of WordPress?

I am too facing the same issue. Can you please provide a fix for it?


GaryJones commented Jun 12, 2017

Can you be more descriptive about the error message please?

Which plugin or theme is using TGMPA? What version of TGMPA is being used?

theemwiz commented Jun 12, 2017

The TGMPA version which is used is 2.6.1. I am developing this theme.

tgmpa-4 8-warning

I have tested it in 4 WordPress themes with TGM v2.6.1 and getting the same error as shown in screenshot above.

al5dy commented Jun 12, 2017

I have the same error. The problem appeared after the 4.8v wp.

al5dy commented Jun 12, 2017

Bingo! Issue solved. I added some changes in class-tgm-plugin-activation.php

$this->upgrader->strings['skin_update_successful'] = %HERE LONG DEFAULT CODE CALLED ERROR%
$this->upgrader->strings['skin_update_successful'] = __( '%1$s done.' );

Can you attach the full code here?


Thank you! It fixed the issue :)

@al5dy Thanks for the fix. Look forward to TGMPA official update.


GaryJones commented Jun 12, 2017

Thanks all for the useful feedback - we'll look into this ASAP (as we'll also need to make it work with older versions of WP.

notrealdev commented Jun 29, 2017

I have the same error and can not install requires plugin on PHP 5.3
// WP 4.8


jrfnl commented Jul 1, 2017

A fix for this issue (#670) has now been merged in and will be included in the upcoming 2.6.2 release.

@jrfnl jrfnl closed this Jul 1, 2017

@jrfnl Any updates on the release?

masterbip commented Sep 8, 2017

Many thanks @al5dy. Your fix worked!

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