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Blank page when clicking on "Install plugins" link at the end of the plugin install process #85

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I think I found a bug. Let me know if you could reproduce it in your environment.

When I finished to install all my plugins (TGM screen), I had this (normal) message:

" ...
All installations and activations have been completed.
All plugins installed and activated successfully. Return to the Dashboard
If I click on the "Return to the Dashboard" link, no problem, the dashboard page loads as expected.

But if I decide to click to the "Install Plugin" link in the "Appearance" menu (I know, I'm a vicious user)
A blank page loads with this Notice: "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page"

I think the "Install Plugin" link should disappear from the "Appearance" menu at the end of the plugins install process to avoid the temptation to click on it.

If you want more details (my TGM settings for example or anything else) tell me.


Thanks for posting this issue. The problem here is that the installation is occurring in the middle of the page, so I cannot do any sort of redirect once the process is complete (unless I use JS, which is not preferred). I could see about using CSS to hide that current menu item if that situation occurs though so users can't accidentally click on the link again.


Ok, I've fixed this issue in dev and will push out to master soon. It also addresses the same issue if you have completed all the activations from the Install Plugins page.

@thomasgriffin thomasgriffin added a commit that closed this issue
@thomasgriffin thomasgriffin fixes #85 f6334bc

This issue is now fixed. I simply added some inline CSS to hide to current menu item (which obviously will be ours since the process cannot be completed unless on our page). This is only used when all the installations/activations have been completed.


Neat fix! Since you could target the current menu item with CSS, you could also target it with jQuery, and remove() it from the DOM completely.


That's a good idea as well. Although I doubt we would need to remove it as it will deter the majority of users, we could consider that for a specific use case in the future.

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