On local server TGM don't install the plugin but load the FTP page #87

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I have a question about TGM plugin:

I test TGM Class on my local web server (LAMP localhost WP 3.1.1).
If I click on the link "Install" of a plugin, WP load the FTP page and ask me my login/psw instead of starting the installation process.
Nevertheless, the plugins are available in my theme folder with the right path.

When I do the same thing with the same theme/code on my online web server, no problem, the install process run fine.

Do you have an idea why on local server, TGM load the FTP form login and don't start the install process ?


GaryJones commented Jan 10, 2012

It will be to do with how your server is setup, specifically whether WP has permissions to write to the filesystem - usually whether apache is running under a certain owner or not.

This is not an issue with TGMPA, so I'll close this.

GaryJones closed this Jan 10, 2012


thomasgriffin commented Jan 10, 2012

Yes, as Gary has said, this is a permissions issue, not a TGMPA issue. That's why the form pops up - so that you can enter in the correct credentials to allow (e.g. "give permission") WordPress to install the plugin.

sudo chown -R _www wp-content/

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