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use add_theme_page instead of add_submenu_page #89

pdewouters opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I was checking my theme with the theme check plugin and got this warning:
REQUIRED: class-tgm-plugin-activation.php. Themes should use add_theme_page() for adding admin pages.

it would be great if you could change that :)


We did this on purpose. Using add_submenu_page allows users to specify where they want the menu to be placed, because add_theme_page isn't always the correct place (for example, using it with a Genesis child theme, you would want to place it under the Genesis menu instead). By default, the menu is placed under the Appearance tab, where theme pages would normally go.

If anyone from the theme review team gives you trouble with this, let me know and I'll speak with them. :-)


got it. I suppose it's more plugin functionality than theme functionality


Yes, it's both. The class can be used in themes or plugins, so it wouldn't make sense to force everyone to place their plugin menu under the Appearance tab. :-)

Closing the issue.


Still getting that error from theme upload. Its automatically rejected theme.
I changed lines for my theme:


ThemeForest is now doing the same thing. Working with their team for a resolution.

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