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wpsmith commented May 20, 2012

  1. Addition of plugins_active method.
  2. Change of URL test to be more inclusive.

wpsmithgists and others added some commits May 6, 2012

@wpsmithgists wpsmithgists Included plugins_active method, which only ports some code found in t…
…he admin_menu method. This method is extended in are_plugins_active which allows for various args.
@wpsmith wpsmith Updated URL check from a basic |^http(s)?://| to /^((https?|ftp)\:\/\…
…/)?([a-z0-9+!*(),;?&=\$_.-]+(\:[a-z0-9+!*(),;?&=\$_.-]+)?@)?([a-z0-9-.]*)\.([a-z]{2,3})(\:[0-9]{2,5})?(\/([a-z0-9+\$_-]\.?)+)*\/?(\?[a-z+&\$_.-][a-z0-9;:@&%=+\/\$_.-]*)?(#[a-z_.-][a-z0-9+\$_.-]*)?/ in order to validate all URLs (http://, https://, ftp://, ftps://,,
@wpsmith wpsmith Added check to URL to ensure that http:// (or some variation, existed…
…), else added http:// (assumption).
@wpsmith wpsmith Make Install & Activate translatable. 8a789e9
@wpsmith wpsmith Made Titles translatable as well. 168b592
@wpsmith wpsmith Ported preg_match() URL checks to public methods url() && is_url() db3f9f3
@wpsmith wpsmith Added source type. a801473
@wpsmith wpsmith Added "Purchase" hover link a2c77ec
@wpsmith wpsmith Limited Purchase to External Links and Private Repos. 7570b3c
@wpsmith wpsmith Reverting but changed conditional from || to && e0a7949
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