The Make, Share, Collaborate Manifesto
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The Make - Share - Collaborate Manifesto


Hold yourself accountable for expressing concepts and working things.

  • Make a flow for making things that combines creative habits, engineering, and communication.
  • Make, begin to build by sketching and iterating.
  • Make finished-enough things; finished-enough means it's ready to test an assumption, concept, scenario, anything that's testable.

Making finished-enough things is the key to making finished-well things as it prepares us to also share and collaborate.


Hold yourself accountable to frequent research, critique, and feedback.

  • Share purpose, intent, and goals. Know why this group of people is together making a thing.
  • Share across the whole team and with external users. Collaborate with transparency.
  • Share iterations. Iterate with trust!

Sharing is where usefulness begins. Unshared creations have no effect and no chance to have an effect on their intended audience. Unshared creations have no chance to be the subject of research or feedback of any sort.

Share both the purpose why a group of people are together and the results of what you make.


Hold yourself accountable to understand and communicate what you seek to make.

  • Collaborate with your audience and their goals.
  • Collaborate with the/your business and its goals.
  • Collaborate with your chosen platform, tools, and techniques.

Express your assumptions and encourage the rest of the team to do the same. Assumptions aren't inherently bad. With assumptions in hand, you can explore hypotheses and ways to test those assumptions / hypotheses.

Poor collaboration leads to living in bubbles of assumption that isolate us from making well informed products. When groups of artists, engineers, strategists, people of any set of skills use the same words with different meanings or without a shared intention they only succeed in talking past one another. Work stagnates, users get poor experiences.

Across the whole team, get the ideas out. Everyone explores and critiques ideas at all stages. Be a strong advocate for the goals of both the business and the users. Understand and evaluate alternatives when constraints are identified. Use evidence gathered via qualitative and quantitative methods to inform critical exploration.

To make great experiences and services, first make finished-enough things.

With Empathy and Care.

Care about where you choose to invest your time and how you make an impact on both your collaborators and intended audiences.

Care about your team. Care about your application. Care about the system. Care about the ecosystem. Care about results. Deliver over document.

This is a way to work.

Decide what this means to you, the teams, and clients you serve. Put it to use.

Take a stand for: communication, accountability, and shared purpose.

In support of these principles,

Rob Stenzinger UX Designer and UI Engineer, Target RAD Team

Peter Stromquist Backend Engineer, Target RAD Team

Thibault Roux - aka Frenchie French entertainer, Target RAD Team

Caitlin Hall Learner and Doer, Target RAD Team

Josh Dingman Mobile Dude, Target RAD Team

Josh Renner Developer, Target RAD Team

Nicole Netland UX Researcher and Designer, Target RAD Team

Elwin Loomis Director Engineering, Target Digital

Arthur Beisang UI/UX Designer, Target RAD Team

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