A collection set of technical groups' information (meetup).
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A collection set of technical groups' information

This is a collection set of technical groups' meetup. Collect the technical meetup information and get the activity from meetup platform, such as Meetup, KKTIX ... etc. The user can use this tool to find technical meetup and attend it.

Table of Contents


There are lots of technical communities all over the world, but the following problems come with that.

  • For attendants
    1. Have no idea to find communities' info.
    2. The desire to attend communities, but don't know the neighbouring communities which they may attend and the information and culture of the communities.
    3. Would like to know the upcoming meetups around them, instead of searching in known communities.
  • For maintainers
    1. It's hard to prevent from clashing with other communities meetups.
    2. Hope to know other communities' which are in the similar field topic.

If there were a platform collecting that information, people can save a lot of time. Thus, TGmeetup project collects the communities' and activities' information thru the registration platform's API, and make it much easier to search for the information which hit the spot. Besides, the package.json files describing the public communities are good for maintaining.


This project uses python3 on Unix-like and MacOS. Go check them out if you don't have them locally installed.

$ sudo apt install python-setuptools
$ git clone https://github.com/TGmeetup/TGmeetup.git
$ cd TGmeetup
$ cp API.cfg.sample API.cfg
$ make install


  1. Please ADD YOUR MEETUP KEY into API.cfg.
  2. If you can't run make install, please run sh install.sh.


usage: tgmeetup [-h] [-u] [-c COUNTRY] [-t CITY] [-n NAME] [-k KEYWORD]


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u, --update          Update the events.json infomation.
  -c COUNTRY, --country COUNTRY
                        This is a country code which follows ISO 3166-1
  -t CITY, --city CITY  This is a city name.
  -n NAME, --name NAME  This is a community short name.
  -k KEYWORD, --keyword KEYWORD
                        This is a keyword of community. This could help find
                        the related community.

Development setup


$ sudo apt install python-setuptools
$ python3 -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Code style

Follow PEP 8

autopep8 --in-place --aggressive --max-line-length=88 <filename>


Using pytest.


Thanks to these contributors, you can see them all here: https://github.com/TGmeetup/TGmeetup/graphs/contributors


Feel free to dive in! Open an issue or submit PRs. To submit PRs to TGmeetup, please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md. It should contain most of the things you'll need to get your contribution started!




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