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This package is based on the MCMCglmm package and runs a MCMCglmm analysis on multiple trees. This code has been used prior to this package release in Healy et. al. (2014). Please send me an email or a pull request if you find/have any issue using this package.

Check out the presentation of some aspects of the package.

Installing mulTree

## Installing the package
if(!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")
install_github("TGuillerme/mulTree", ref = "release")

The following installs the latest released version (see patch notes below). For the piping hot development version (not recommended), replace the ref="release" option by ref="master". If you're using the master branch, see the latest developement in the patch note.

Warning note:

If you're using a PC and the package doesn't install correctly, it might be due to the fact that dependencies are not installed correctly. You can fix buy downloading R's latest version and installing the missing packages manualy:

## Install the missing packages
install.packages(c("MCMCglmm", "coda", "hdrcde", "snow", "ape", "corpcor", "curl"))


Patch notes (latest version)
  • 2018/05/08 - 1.3.4
    • Increased test coverage for all functions.
    • Improved optional arguments handling for mulTree (following Eldar Rakhimberdiev's contribution)
    • Converted patch_notes.md into NEWS.md (with the correct standard format).
    • Minor bug fix: the trees in data(lifespan) are now all ultrametric.
    • Complex formula management in mulTree and as.mulTree.
    • Added ask option to mulTree, whether to ask to overwrite files or not.
    • Minor changes (internal) and code coverage increased for SIDER release.

Previous patch notes and the next version ones can be seen here.


Thomas Guillerme and Kevin Healy


Eldar Rakhimberdiev.


If you are using this package, please cite:

  • Guillerme, T. & Healy, K. (2014). mulTree: a package for running MCMCglmm analysis on multiple trees. ZENODO. 10.5281/zenodo.12902

BibTeX, EndNote, DataCite, RefWorks

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Used in

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11 publications have cited mulTree since 2014 (2.75 per year). The average cites for papers using mulTree is 9.9 (the median is 3; calculated on the 08/12/2018).

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