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CHUWI Minibook Hackintosh

EFI files for hackintosh on the CHUWI Minibook.

Full support for macOS 10.14.0 - 11.4.x (may work on older OS's but some features may not work. Not all EFI releases work with all macOS versions, confirm you have installed the correct EFI for the OS version you are trying to run)

If you see anything that could be added or changed don't hesitate to make a pull request.

Catalina with working Graphics Acceleration

*** NOTICE ***

- The Fan does not work on its own and requires a special patch. Please use EFI release version 0.1.0 or higher to enable automatic Fan operation.

- Final Clover Release Version 1.1.0 (Clover supports macOS Catalina and below)

- OpenCore Release Version 1.1.0 may be used with macOS Catalina and below. May have greater compatibility with older OS's and supports use of HeliPort with Intel WiFi.

- EFI Release Version 1.3.1 is Recommended for macOS 10.15.3 and below.

- EFI Release Version 1.6.1 is Recommended for macOS 10.15.4 - 11.3.0.

- EFI Release Version 1.7.0 and above is Recommended for macOS 11.3.0 and above; including Monterey 12.0.0 Beta 1

Full Instruction Guide

Chapter 1) Quick Start Install

Chapter 2) BootCamp Install

Chapter 3) Changing the Display Orientation

Chapter 4) Enabling HiDPI Mode

Chapter 5) Enabling Reliable Sleep Button Support

Chapter 6) Setting Resolutions Over 1080p

Chapter 7) Additional Drivers

Chapter 8) Booting Other OS's with OpenCore

Chapter 9) Other Operating Systems

What works

  • Graphic Acceleration including 4K support
  • OpenCore Boot-Loader orientation corrected to landscape mode
  • Bluetooth (Intel Wifi chip causes interference with Bluetooth. Later Intel WiFi Kext releases may eventually resolve this issue. This is not an issue with the MiniBook or with current EFI programming.)
  • Brightness
  • Audio
  • Power Management
  • Battery
  • USB
  • Keyboard
  • Camera
  • Sleep / Wake
  • Fully Automated FAN
  • TrackPoint
  • HDMI / Type-C
  • Windows boot from OpenCore
  • TouchScreen / Stylus (Beta Support with issues: touch won't disable with lid closed in "Desktop" mode)(Please file all issues related to touch with the VoodooGoodix team)
  • Internal Wi-Fi
    • Use Heliport for OpenCore 0.6.0 or below and for all Clover bootloaders.
    • OpenCore 0.6.1 and higher now has native WiFi support with no other additional software
  • FileVault Supported
  • Recovery Supported
  • Sleep Button Support (Release 1.3.0 and up. See directions to enable button support.)

Planned Features

  • Auto rotate screen and keyboard shut-off when in tablet mode
  • Additional resolutions for internal monitor

What doesn't work

  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Native Brightness Key Buttons (limitation imposed on the Embedded Controller programming from OEM)
  • Card Reader
  • Emmc
  • Accelerometer
  • Additional Resolutions other than default


Special thanks to my Minibook bro @Balopez for all of his assistance and @Lazd for the touchscreen driver
All users from the GPD Discord especially @azkali
Fewt's Hackintosh guide
CHUWI for making the great Minibook
Peter Kamb for the excellent PowerKey application on GitHub