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THEOplayer Android Reference Apps


This projects falls under the license as defined in


In order to get a common understanding of how the THEOplayer SDKs are to be used, we will include rich example apps. These apps will have following characteristics:

  • Easy to read code, allowing them to be used as samples on how specific features can be integrated.
  • Open source code, providing common ground when investigating issues, allowing the THEO support team to showcase reference implementations, and customers to provide a clear reproduction project showcasing the issue they are seeing during integration or production.
  • Clean look and feel, allowing the apps to be used for marketing demo's where needed in an always up to date capability.
  • Extensible, making it easy to create new samples of features or set up reproduction and test cases.


In order to use the SDK in a streaming pipeline, it needs to be integrated within an application. During the development of these applications, developers need access to solid documentation and examples at the risk of integrations not being of sufficient quality. As these applications are developed by and owned by customers, it is not always possible for THEOplayer team to get insights into the code. As a result, when issues occur during integration or when the app is in production, it can be difficult to analyse where the issue is. Similarly, when issues occur in the integrated code which are hard to reproduce, this is most often related to mistakes in the integration.

Reference Apps

In order to keep these apps as simple as possible, we will maintain a set of different sample apps over a single sample app showing all different use cases.

Streams/Content Rights:

The DRM streams are provided by our Partner: EZ DRM and hold all the rights for the content. These streams are DRM protected and cannot be used for any other purposes.


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