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Reference Apps - THEO Basic Ads

The purpose of this app is to demonstrate how to use THEOplayer default ads module to insert advertisement to video playback.

For quick start, please proceed with the Quick Start guide.


The guides below will provide a detailed explanation about Advertising and Ads insertion by using the default THEO ads module.

This app is an extension of THEO Basic Playback application. For help with getting started with THEOplayer or Android Studio feel free to check related [THEOplayer documentation]

Quick Start

  1. Obtain THEOplayer Android SDK and unzip it.

    Please visit Get Started with THEOplayer to get required THEOplayer Android SDK.

  2. Copy theoplayer-android-[name]-[version]-minapi21-release.aar file from unzipped SDK into application libs folder and rename it to theoplayer.aar.

    Project is configured to load SDK with such name, for using other name please change implementation ':theoplayer@aar' dependency in app-level build.gradle file accordingly.

  3. Open THEO DRM Playback application in Android Studio.

    Android Studio should automatically synchronize and rebuild project. If this won't happen please select File > Sync Project with Gradle Files menu item to do it manually. Please note, that in very rare cases it will be required to synchronize project twice.

  4. Select Run > Run 'app' menu item to run application on a device selected by default.

Streams/Content Rights:

The DRM streams used in this app (if any) are provided by our Partner: EZ DRM and hold all the rights for the content. These streams are DRM protected and cannot be used for any other purposes.


This project is licensed under the BSD 3 Clause License - see the LICENSE file for details.