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iperf tool on MirageOS


This program is a network performance measurement tool on MirageOS based on the test iperf implementation included in mirage-tcpip ( You can measure the TCP throughput between two different MirageOS VMs by this tool.



Step by step

  1. Check your target path.
    TCP client in iperf_client, TCP server in iperf_server
    UDP client in iperf_udp_client, UDP server in iperf_udp_server
  2. Edit total_size(=total data size to be sent) and blen(=sender buffer size) in of your target client program.
  3. Compile your target programs.
  4. Launch the server side at first, then the client side.

Automated measurement

  • Xen or QEMU/KVM
    1. Modify domain xml files in ./template/ so that they can use a network bridge on your environment. The default bridge is vmbr0.
    2. Modify parameters in so that it can be used on your environment.
      CLIENTADDR : A host IP for libvirt where you want to run a client side VM SERVERADDR : A host IP for libvirt where you want to run a server side VM
      USER : A username you want to use
      OCAMLVER : An OCaml compiler version you want to use BUFSIZE : Sender buffer size
      ITERATIONS : # of measurements for each sender buffer size
    3. Execute ./iperf_run xen tcp /path/to/dir if you want to launch the TCP client and server side programs at /path/to/dir on Xen-based physical servers.
      1st argument : xen or virtio
      2nd argument : tcp or udp
      3rd argument : /path/to/dir (where you want to put the server and client kernel files)
  • ukvm
    1. Create and configure two tap devices on your hosts and check if they can communicate each other.
    2. Modify parameters in iperf_ukvm_run. The default tap devices are tap0 and tap1 for the server and client respectively.
    3. Execute ./ tcp if you want to launch the TCP client and server side programs.
      1st argument : tcp or udp


  • UDP-based programs are partly compatible with the C-based iperf. This is just for testing. (The programs were tested with iperf-2.0.9)
    • C-based client with MirageOS-based server
      Note that you can check only the bytes transferred and bit rate. The jitter and packet loss rate fields (= indicated as "Server report:" in the client side output) are invalid as the server side does not measure them.
    • MirageOS-side client with C-based client
      No special considerations needed.


iperf like tool on MirageOS




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