Adafruit 2.8 PiTFT button monitor to run programs using the tactile switches
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etc rc.local


Connecting Adafruit 2.8 PiTFT to my Raspberry-Pi, optimized to run OctoPi. This script monitors the buttons on the PiTFT resistive touch display. The state of the button is recorded in btn#Memory so that we can toggle things on and off with a single switch. You can assign scripts or actions to each button. This example toggles the TFT backlight with button 3 and starts/stops OctoPiPanel with button 4


Raspberry-Pi loaded with OctoPi OctoPiPanel loaded and set up to run from command line Adafruit PiTFT2.8 resistive touch display installed X windows configured to boot to the PiTFT and rpi_power_switch enabled


put in the pi/home directory add the below lines to /etc/rc.local at the end of the file just before the exit 0 line

launch the PiFTF button monitor

python /home/pi/