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Transfering of audio or image data to the MikroElektronika EasyMX Pro for Stellaris board.

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Multimedia Streaming Client V0.8

The code is released under the GNU General Public License.
Developed by Thomas Jespersen, TKJ Electronics - June 2012

This project is a Multimedia streaming application for transfering audio and/or image data content to the MikroElektronika EasyMX Pro for Stellaris ARM board.
The transfering is done thru Ethernet as the board connects to our own server application (on Windows). The board is then able to play back mp3, wav or wma files by the use of the on board VS1053 Audio Codec chip.
Images can also be transfered and displayed on the 320x240 TFT display.

This project source code is mainly to be found on our GitHub page, where it will also be updated regularly:

To support the MikroElektronika LibStock communite the source code is also released in their repository:

Please visit our blog for more information about this project:

A full video demonstration and explanation of the project can be found on our Youtube channel.
A direct link for the video is:
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