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Ember.js Digital Testament App.

This is an javascript app which allows you to create and maintain a digital testament.

This is BETA software, use on your own risk.

If you want to try it, download the standalone file digiproof-prod, save it to your disk and open it locally in your browser.

There's also a development version, which retains all data across browser sessions. This version does store any entered data unencrypted using the localStorage adapter for ember.js. So, please do not enter any production data into the development version!


  • you can enter one or more legal successors
  • any number of network assets (i.e. accounts) can be entered
  • each account can be assigned to a legal successor
  • you can specify what the legal successor shall do with the asset
  • the computed result can be printed, usually you sign it and deposit at your solicitor.
  • the data can be exported in case you want to update it in the future. the export is encrypted using AES256. a passphrase has to be entered which will be hashed 32 times and used for encryption. A authentication MAC (HMAC-SHA512) will be added as well to make sure there have not been any tampering with the export.
  • localisation support. currently german and english are fully supported.
  • full browser support, tested with IE 8, firefox and google chrome.


Download the standalone self contained app to your computer by right-clicking the following link and selecting "save as ...": standalone file digiproof-prod.

Then open the file locally either by double clicking it from your filemanager or opening it from your browser (File => Open ...).


Here are some screenshots of the app in action. Please note that they might be outdated.

This is the main screen of the app: main screen

Here we entered some asset data (german language version): network asset

Here is a sample printed testament.

More screenshots can be found in the samples directory.

Used Javascript Libraries

  • Ember.js
  • Handlebars.js
  • Twitter Bootstrap (2.x version)
  • CryptoJS
  • Jquery
  • Blob
  • json3.js
  • localstorage_adapter.js
  • moment.js


Licensed under the GPL v2..

Commercial redistribution prohibited.

Author and Copyright

Copyright (c) T.Linden.