An overlay with the required ebuilds to install and run Openstack on Gentoo Linux
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This overlay is here to run Nova / Openstack on our Gentoo Image

You'll notice there are some ebuilds in here which are revision bumped versions of what's already present in the main gentoo portage tree. 
Typically these ebuild have been modified to exclude building for python 3.*, since they depend on setuptools, which is not available for python 3.*.

Using this overlay through layman:
- "emerge layman"
- Edit the layman configuration "vi /etc/layman/layman.cfg" and add
  to the 'overlays:' section.
- Now run "layman -a openstack" to add the overlay
- if it's your first run of layman you have to create the cache first using 'layman -L'

OR alternativlely

- For layman-2.0.0_rc* and later
- Simply download the openstack-overlay.xml to /etc/layman/overlays/openstack-overlay.xml
- run "layman -a openstack" to add the overlay