Examples for ArchUnit (A Java architecture test library, to specify and assert architecture rules in plain Java)
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ArchUnit Examples

This module presents some examples on how to use the latest release of ArchUnit.

The different subprojects demonstrate the type of test support:

  • example-junit4 shows how to use the JUnit 4 test support including the ArchUnitRunner
  • example-junit5 shows how to use the JUnit 5 test support where test classes are simply being picked up by being annotated with @AnalyzeClasses
  • example-plain shows how to use ArchUnit independently of any specific test framework, even though as a runtime environment these tests use JUnit 4 as well

All example rules you find within src/test refer to classes from src/main. These tests are all designed to fail, to demonstrate how production code could violate typical architectural constraints (like layer dependencies).

You can run them with Gradle

./gradlew clean build

Otherwise the tests can be run directly from any IDE.