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ArchUnit Examples

This module presents some examples on how to use the latest release of ArchUnit.

The different subprojects demonstrate the type of test support:

  • example-junit4 shows how to use the JUnit 4 test support including the ArchUnitRunner
  • example-junit5 shows how to use the JUnit 5 test support where test classes are simply being picked up by being annotated with @AnalyzeClasses
  • example-plain shows how to use ArchUnit independently of any specific test framework, even though as a runtime environment these tests use JUnit 4 as well

All example rules you find within src/test refer to classes from src/main. These tests are all designed to fail, to demonstrate how production code could violate typical architectural constraints (like layer dependencies).

You can run them with Gradle

./gradlew build

Otherwise the tests can be run directly from any IDE.

Regarding issues

If you have found any issues with the examples or have any question, please direct them to the main repository instead. This repository is an autogenerated version of the latest released version of (with some simplyfied project setup for illustration)


Examples for ArchUnit (A Java architecture test library, to specify and assert architecture rules in plain Java)




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