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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed JavaPackage.getPackageDependenciesFromSelf() containing the package itself if there was a dependency in the same package but not directly imported (e.g. importer.importClasses(Foo.class) where some.pkg.Foo would depend on some.pkg.Bar, which was not imported)



  • Some methods now return Collection types instead of Iterable to integrate nicer with streams


  • FieldsShould now contains the negation notHaveRawTypes (see #162; thanks a lot to @asbachb)
  • CodeUnitsShould now contains the negations notHaveRawParameterTypes, notHaveRawReturnType and notDeclareThrowableOfType
  • The syntax now contains {methods,fields}().should().{be,notBe}{Static,Final} (see #164; thanks a lot to @hankem)


  • Slice now also offers dependenciesToSelf additionally to dependenciesFromSelf

Further Acknowledgement

  • Thanks a lot to @hankem for reviewing and improving the user guide
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